At Southside Motor Factors, we stock a wide selection of top quality diagnostic tools for cars so that you can quickly, accurately and easily diagnose any potential problems in your vehicle’s electronics.

Highly Advanced Car Diagnostic Equipment & Automotive Diagnostic Tools

New cars are becoming increasingly reliant on electronics for managing on-board systems such as ABS, air conditioning and airbags. These systems might become more complicated on newer cars, but the automotive diagnostic tools stocked by SMF are straightforward to use. They are also highly advanced and their superb knowledge base means that they can provide diagnostics for pretty much any situation encountered by any of your car’s electronic systems.

Why Buy Car Diagnostics Tools from SMF?

- All our diagnostic tools for cars work in any modern vehicle, so even if you change your car, you won’t have to invest in new diagnostic equipment.

- They immediately and correctly identify the source of an issue with your car’s electronics.

- They enable drivers to deal with any such issues on the spot so that they can get motoring again without too much delay.

- They are very user-friendly and come with instruction booklets so that you can easily interpret any codes that appear on the scanner.

- They can identify issues with your car’s electronics before your NCT so that you can resolve them prior to the test.

- We stock a wide range of car diagnostic tools from simple, very affordable models to comprehensive, high-end alternatives.

- Most of all, you can be assured that you’re getting a top quality piece of diagnostic equipment at a reasonable price from a store with first-class expertise of all aspects of motoring!

Contact us about car diagnostic tools today

If you are interested in purchasing car diagnostic tools from us, then contact our experienced, friendly sales staff on (01) 4500887 or drop us an email on You can also use the product enquiry form under the Contact Us tab.

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