Car Batteries

Find the battery replacement that is right for your vehicle. Tell us your vehicle make and model and we will find the right battery for your car, van, jeep, truck, farm machine or plant.

Car batteries are an essential component in your vehicle, providing all the electrical current to the starter motor and ignition system when you need to get the engine started. Choosing a quality and well priced battery for your vehicle is even more important for modern cars as they have so many other sub systems in place versus a vintage car.

Without a working battery, your vehicle will just not start. And when the vehicle has started, the battery continually provides constant current when an alternator can't fully supply the electrical needs of the vehicle.

Quality car batteries typically last for 5 years or so, and then they need to be replaced. You can tell that the battery is getting old when the it is having a hard job in starting the car engine. If your battery hasn't fully worn itself out, you can still choose to replace the battery to increase the car's performance. Buying a new battery is your guarantee against any issues for the lifespan of the product. Talk to us in SouthSide Motors to ensure that you're buying the right battery size and type - just send us your vehicle details.

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