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The Truth about Distracted Driving Infographic

Distracted Driving is increasingly becoming an issue as smartphone usage has soared worldwide. Our infographic explores the shocking statistics about Distracted Driving, while highlighting some common behaviours drivers not know is taken their attention from the road. ...
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While we should drive with care every time we’re on the road, we need to exercise additional caution at winter due to hazardous driving conditions from icy roads or snowy weather. Also, be prepared for the worst by carrying a winter driving emergency kit and carry out important checks on your car so...
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Put the Brakes on Road Rage - Infographic

While we can all get stressed while driving, it is important to keep your anger in check so it that doesn’t descend into full-blown road rage, which puts you and other road users at serious risk of injury or even death....
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Car Batteries For Sale In Dublin

Southside Motor Factors is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of high performance car batteries. We have 35 years’ experience providing car batteries to trade and retail customers....
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Classic Car Number Plates Suppliers Dublin

Southside Motor Factors is one of Ireland’s leading distributors of high quality car number plates and number plate printing systems. Our innovative thinking makes number plate printing simple for us and for our customers. ...
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Car Diagnostic Tools From SMF

At Southside Motor Factors, we stock a wide selection of top quality diagnostic tools for cars so that you can quickly, accurately and easily diagnose any potential problems in your vehicle’s electronics....
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Car Parts And Car Accessories In Dublin

Southside Motor Factors stock and supply a huge range of car parts and car accessories including brake pads, oil filters, discs, exhausts, spark plugs, timing belts, CV joints, camshafts, head gaskets, BATTERIES, air filters ...... ...
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Car Tools And Automotive Tools For Cars

Southside Motor Factors is one of Ireland’s leading distributors of high quality automotive tools for cars. We stock a wide range of car tools, including top brands like Teng Tools, Draper Tools and Sealey Tools....
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